Dave Williams

Crew Chief, Fabricator, Mechanic

My interest in anything dealing with physics or mechanics started early with the disassembly of family lawn mowers and building cars out of wood scraps to race downhill. Nothing was safe from this eight year old’s fury of spinning wrenches. With the Christmas gift of a radio controlled stadium truck, reassembly was finally a possible reality. Racing stadium trucks taught diligence in tuning suspension, tire pressure, and gearing. This real life parallel to playing Ivan Stewarts Super Off Road Racing at the local pizza joint naturally led to wanting full scale toys, and racing ATV’s came next, followed by anything else with wheels, skis, hulls, or tracks. I acquired a 1971 CJ-5 at age 14 and exploring the local trails, conquering hills and mud pits while two tracking, and getting to hunting and fishing spots became a daily activity. These activities, of course, brought about many repairs and upgrades. Both off-roading and the associated repair work became a focus and passion.

After high school working as a mechanic at a Mercedes-Benz shop supplied the training to do things properly and thoroughly. Just as happy with a wrench, welder, or torch in hand as a steering wheel, set of handle-bars, or levers-the world of racing and recreational use of motorized vehicles, mostly in the dirt, has been a staple throughout my life. Other time is spent with friends and family enjoying hunting, fishing, shooting, and the outdoors.