Andy Eustice

Engineer, Mechanic

As a kid you have certain bucket list adventures that you want to accomplish. So far I have been able to check off two of those items and I look forward to adding more in the coming year. The first was a cross country adventure from Northern Michigan to Moab, Utah and more recently attending King of Hammers in 2019.

Growing up in Northern Michigan, I have had a jeep since the age of 14. My love of off-road and the outdoors has grown since before I was of legal age to drive. Tad and I met at a community college in Traverse City where we discovered our common interest in four wheeling. We both later transferred from the community college to Michigan Technological University. While in college, my love and experience in four-wheeling grew alongside my friendships with those on this race team. Any time not spent studying was spent working on a Jeep or outdoors in a Jeep exploring the Upper Peninsula. I graduated from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and went to work for CSX transportation living in many states before returning to Michigan. Once back in Michigan I continued to gain off-road experience by participating in events and four-wheeling trips: most done on a college budget, but gaining experience that cannot be bought.