Tad Dowker

Driver/Co-Driver, Fabricator, Engineer, Mechanic

My love of four-wheeling and motorsports came at a young age; I still fondly remember family outings with my Dad’s Jeep. These outings would often be coupled with other outdoor activities such as camping, fishing or hunting. I was always found at my Dad’s side out in the garage either repairing or upgrading whatever vehicle we had at the time. My passion grew over the years and when I turned 14 I bought my first Jeep-a 1977 CJ-7. Over the next two years I completely rebuilt the Jeep from the ground up-quickly turning my passion into an obsession. I found that I enjoyed building and upgrading the Jeep as much as I did driving it.

After high school I attended Michigan Technological University and earned a Mechanical Engineering Degree. During this time I met most of our current team through the college’s four-wheeling club. Over these years my off-road experience grew quickly. Rock crawling on the East Coast was taking off and our vehicles and interests evolved with it. Our engineering backgrounds proved essential as we designed and built our own vehicles. I also competed in rock crawling competitions throughout the area and traveled through much of the East Coast.

Currently I am working with our team to put our mark on the Ultra 4 world. When I am not chasing this dream I am enjoying the outdoors and rural life style of Northern Michigan with my wife Jessi and our three kids.